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It's Not About Giving BackAOII was there for me when I left my hometown to go out of state to college.  Growing up, I had the same friends and was a little hesitant about moving away to a new city and new life where I would need to meet new people and find new friends.  An unhealthy relationship with a boyfriend from home made my freshman year extremely difficult.  AOII offered me friendship,  a sense of belonging, and safe haven.  The women in my chapter showed me how to LIVE, LEARN, LEAD AND SERVE and now more than 35 years later the memories of great times and feelings of “home” are what have driven me to choose AOII as my personal ministry.

 If I can in anyway help other young women to enjoy that same feeling of belonging and enrichment in their lives, like I experienced in college, then my life has more meaning.  By serving AOII, in whatever capacity is needed, it is my hope and dream that we can and will provide a safe place for women who need that “friend upon whom you have no fear to call”.  I’ve seen first-hand, the power of AOII friendship, and what it means to a lonely young college freshman, a middle-age woman whose husband suddenly dies while she is out of town, a university sophomore who is raped, a young mother whose house is destroyed by flood waters and an AOII alumnae volunteer who struggles through a bitter divorce. 

I don’t look at it as a requirement to “give back”; I look at it as using my God-given talents to help women, specifically AOII women, to be their best, find their place, and uncover their own personal ministries and meaning in life.  I am so very blessed because four twenty-year old Barnard College students shared a love for each other that is timeless and meant to be shared for a lifetime.

Barb Zipperian
Kappa Kappa  (Ball State U)
Past International President


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